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December 03, 2007


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M. Simon

And just suppose the solar scientists (none on the IPCC) are right and we are headed for a little ice age.

Already the next sunspot cycle is late in arriving. This is normally a harbinger of reduced solar output.

If the sun is driving climate then what? CO2 reduction will then be just another government boondoggle i.e. theft from the poor and a reduction of economic output.

BTW the supposed addition of CO2 to the atmosphere by humans is less than 1/2 the margin of error in total environmental sources and sinks for CO2.

Is it a good idea to base policy on such questionable numbers?

Depends on the goal. GE wants to profit by shutting down low cost forms of energy the better to sell its higher priced stuff.

It is not just the carbon producers who have an interest in this.

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